Class Schedules

Beginners are always welcome, at all classes!

New clients welcome at every single class.  We encourage you to just START! We’ll meet you where you are. (Ages 16 & up for Bikram Hot Yoga Classes. Any age okay for Yin Yoga).

Being a beginner is fun and challenging, and most of all, rewarding! Remember, even the most seasoned yoga students & exercise-ers once had their very first class too. Be sure to check out the FAQ below for helpful tips. Hope to see you in the HOT room soon!

Booking a Class

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  • Book Your Class! 
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Download Class Schedule PDF

Please click here for a downloadable PDF version of the schedule. Schedule subject to change. January 2023.

Please remember to book your class in advance.

In-Person Class Schedule

Booking window opens 7 days prior
ie. booking for classes open 7 days out from current date at 12:01am.

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