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Heal, Transform & Enhance Your Life

We help YOU heal, transform & enhance YOUR life.

Get ready to turn up the heat! Forge Hot Yoga hosts a variety of yoga and pilates classes in heated rooms to provide the ultimate workout experience. Combining movement and high temps helps reshape your body, calm your mind, and strengthen your core. Yoga, at its essence, is medicine for your body and soul; add a little heat to the mix and the results are exceptional!

We are conveniently located in NE Portland with more studios coming soon! Drop in for a quick sweat, or join us online from anywhere, any time! We offer Bikram Yoga, Hot Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, and Inferno Hot Pilates (HIIT) in our state-of-the-art studios. Right away, you will feel stronger, more flexible, refreshed, relaxed, and de-stressed. You CAN handle the heat — and you will be amazed at what happens when you give it a shot.

We have the perfect workout for everyone here at Forge and new students are welcome at every class. If you want to try a class in regular temps, we offer non-heated classes too. Take a peek at our schedule now to find your first class!

Medicine for the Mind + Body + Soul


Come feel & experience the immediate & amazing health benefits of Bikram Hot Yoga, Hot Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga & Inferno Hot Pilates (HIIT) in our state-of-the-art studios! Right away you will feel stronger, more flexible, refreshed, de-stressed, relaxed, and on your way towards your goals.

At Forge Yoga, we meet you where you are at. We keep things simple, allowing you to experience all the positivity and possibilities that movement brings. By cultivating healthy habits, you can transform from the inside out. Learn more about our mission by clicking the button below.

Located in the famous Alberta Arts District

NE Portland & more coming soon

In addition to our easily accessible online classes, we offer indoor and outdoor classes based around out convenient NE Portland location. Join us today!

A Class for Everyone

We encourage you to pick any class to start, regardless of your skill level. If a class sounds fun — try it! We help you modify certain poses if you are new to yoga or pilates so you can have a positive start.

Community Support

Forge is more than just a yoga studio — we are a community that is here to support and encourage you as you strive towards your goals. Come see for yourself why so many of our students keep coming back week after week!

Class Options

Indoor Classes

The PNW rain doesn’t stop us. Get your sweat on any time, in any season! We offer fantastic indoor classes year-round.

Outdoor Classes

When the weather is nice, we take your favorite yoga & pilates classes outdoors. Soak in the sunshine & fresh air while you workout!

Online Classes

Need to squeeze in a workout at home? We’ve got you covered! Our online classes fit your lifestyle & help you reach your goals.

Everyone is welcome here. Intro to Forge $39 – 7 in-person classes.

Alisha A.

“Forge hot yoga and Pilates is my sanity! All the instructors and yogis are so welcoming and friendly I literally feel like it is my home away from home. Not only does my body look and feel great but the effects it has on my mind is even more powerful. Keep coming back, it works if you work it!“

The Latest Updates

Inversion Workshop, May 26th

Inversion Workshop, May 26th

Have you ever tried to stand on something other than your feet? Here’s your chance for a safe space to learn how. This inversion workshop…