Root System Workshop with Allegra

Support your body and mind in the seasonal transition from summer to fall. As the season shifts, so do our bodies and minds. As the trees outside prepare to let their leaves go, we’ll begin with the root systems of our bodies, the legs, feet, hips, pelvic floor and intrinsic core, and tone the root chakra to foster a sense of stability, cultivate creative energy, and strengthen the vital systems of the self.

In this 2.5 hour workshop, we’ll learn a short mantra* for peace traditionally used to begin practice.

We’ll move from mantra to motion together in a 60 minute vinyasa practice designed to cultivate steadiness in the physical and subtle body, support the immune and digestive systems, and prepare the mind for the gradual turn inward that the season invites.

Then we’ll soften into a 70 minute restorative and yin practice built to encourage the release of tension held in the myofascial tissue, and to support health in the lymphatic and respiratory systems, and create a gentle steadiness in the mind.

We’ll enjoy an extra long savasana, practice the mantra we learned together, and have some time in community for reflection, discussion and conversation.

You can return to the poses and practices that felt most nourishing to you, so that you can continue to create stability and ease as we move into fall, and toward winter!

**The chant will be written out on cards that you can read, and take home with you at the end!* You can chant with us in the call and response format, or just enjoy the sound.

Sunday, September 17th


Allegra Chabay