Updated Monday, Feb 15th, 2021

Start booking your classes now! Your booking window for in-person classes is 5 days. www.forgehotyoga.com/schedule

We have COVID procedures still in place, please read here www.forgehotyoga.com/booking.

We are SO EXCITED to welcome you back to the land of heat and movement. Please be patient with each other and yourselves as we venture back into the world. We have missed you!

-Angela & Ryan
Owners, Forge Hot Yoga

Updated Monday Feb 1st, 2021

Let’s get together, socially distant, masked up and do some yoga!If anything, we’ve learned that creativity happens when options are limited. Yes! This Friday, February 5th, we open our doors again, to 6 of you per class. 

We are so happy that we’re able to open our doors, Forge Fam. As many may not be able to open with the current restrictions we are grateful for the opportunity to share space with you, share the heated room & the community with you once again. 

We have the ability to reopen at all three locations with some new adjustments. We’ll have 3-4 in-person classes/day available at all locations.  At Happy Valley & West Linn your in-studio classes will be taught virtually via our zoom room at Alberta. This way, we’ll be able to operate at all three locations simultaneously. Bringing the hot room back into your life!

You just show up, we’ll take care of the rest!

We cannot thank you enough for all your support these last 11 months (& counting), we are truly grateful.

COVID PROTOCOLS & booking your spot
1. Please, for now, only book one class per day & only one waitlist spot per day. This will help us help you all in getting in those coveted hot-room spots!
2. Please manage your waitlist accordingly, cancellation fees will be enforced. Please see new rules on cancellation policies that go into effect today, Feb 1st, 2021 www.forgehotyoga.com/booking
3. You’ll verbally check in upon arrival and we will ask you the COVID screening questions every single time.
4. We will provide sanitized mats & equipment for you as necessary, but please bring water or prepare to purchase water as needed.
5. Showers & drinking fountains are closed.
6. Please wear your properly fitted mask that meets safety standards over your nose and mouth for the entire duration of your time inside the building. We have extra masks as needed.
7. Please sanitize your hands upon arrival.Studio opens 30 minutes before class and closes 15 minutes after class.
8. We will perform our deep studio sanitation between every single class.
9. Forge Online is not going anywhere! Please keep using our on-demand videos for tutorials and how-to’s on classes, etc. We will be teaching to zoomers and our friends in the classroom simultaneously, getting the best of both worlds!
10. Let’s have some fun, we all need it!

Booking & Cancellation Policies

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Angela & Ryan & our entire Forge staff
Forge Hot Yoga

Updated Jan 28th, 2021 12:14pm

Per new state guidelines Forge is permitted to reopen with limited capacity, up to 6 people per class. We will be rolling out the updates and schedule soon. Please keep checking back for more information. We are working to get all the moving parts synchronized! Thank you for your patience! We miss you!


Have you tried an online class yet? You’ll get to chat with us before class like usual and we get to teach you the same classes you know and love through some pretty cool technology. We are still connected!

Try it out today! Online Membership is only $29/mo for unlimited access to virtual, livestream + on-demand videos.