Reiki and Restorative Feb. 25th 2024

R & R
Reiki and Restorative

Please join us for this lush and peaceful offering of time to unwind, let go, and restore your body and well-being.

R & R combines the benefits of a restorative yoga class with the benefits of personalized hands-on adjustments and Reiki, a soothing and non-invasive healing practice.

Supported by one teacher offering guided breathing, gentle movement, and time to sink comfortably into each pose supported by props; one additional teacher offer hands-on adjustments and/or Reiki to those who wish.

This class is designed to give us all the experience of relaxation, peacefulness, and recharging our self—body and mind—in trusted community.

Please wear warm, comfy, loose-fitting clothing, and come ready to let go and receive good things.

Please also feel free to bring any comforting personal items that feel supportive such as a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or sacred object to help connect you to your most relaxed self.

Class led by Christopher Hirsh; hands-on adjustments and reiki offered by Nicki Taylor.