Primordal Breathwork & Sound Bath with Isabel Falcon Class November 20th 2022

Sunday, November 20th, 2-4pm

Primordial Breathwork & Sound Bath

with Isabel Falcon

I want to invite you to join me and our community, for an afternoon of practice of Primordial Breathwork And Sound Bath. This is a multidimensional experience, encompassing many facets of our being. It is very helpful for the reactivation of our energetic chakra vortexes to their natural, higher vibrational frequencies. The practice also aids in the location and elimination of psychosomatic sources of disease, tensions, inhibitions and repressed emotions. It employs an ancient, cathartic, healing breath, activating and purifying our emotional memory at the cellular level. This practice is rooted in both Tibetan and Amazonian cultures.

Please eat light to attend this practice.

$45 pre-register // $50 walk-in