Power & Chill + Sound Healing

Outdoor Park Classes with Forge

Kickoff is Saturday, May 25th!

This it it!
We’re excited to bring you our FIFTH season of park classes. We started offering these outdoor classes during 2020 and it’s grown ever since. It has been so fun to be outside doing some of the things we love the most. We are pumped that we get to share this time with you – so let’s go! Bring your friends and come move with us outside!

Class is free. All Ages. Bring your yoga mat & your buddies. No experience necessary – in fact, that’s why were here – to meet you where you are & introduce you to a fun way to stretch, move, workout & de-stress.

To top it off, we’ll bring lunch for you too! We’ll announce the class structure and what food we’re serving on our live schedule on our website.

We would love for you to show up, even last minute plans are cool.
We also love to know how many people are coming so we know how much food to get, if you can plan in advance please sign up via the website below!

In leiu of a class fee

We would be honored if you considered donating to this special organization.

Donations are not required.
If you feel inclined, we will have Venmo, Cash App, actual cash or pay online when you sign up.

Stop Violence
Kids in Parade


S.T.A.R.S. Mentoring Program is an “at-risk student/youth outreach/Mentoring program in Portland, Oregon.

S.T.A.R.S. is a program that provides mentorship and programming for at-risk alternative school students between the ages of 12-26, helping them to successfully transition in to becoming contributing members of their community. We serve youth affected by DHS system, foster system, and juvenile court system. We help them create individual success plans that promote social change in their community. We serve gang-affiliated/gang-affected students by providing them with the resources, and opportunities needed to lead a healthier lifestyle. S.T.A.R.S. was developed and is operated by Founder Dontae Riley and Co-Founder Sylvia Jackson-Riley. Both are native to N, NE, SE Portland and have had extensive experience working with at-risk youth.( 15yrs)”

– (copied from their website)

Stars Mentoring Program Details