Jason O.
How long have you been practicing?
Almost 1 year.
Where do you primarily practice?
 Happy Valley
What brought you to the yoga?
   Somehow, I think it called me. Offering a venue to begin to extinguish some very old beliefs I’ve held about my self and others.
 For all my life, I’ve not been accepting of my body. My dislike started young, as I have a large birthmark on my left side and I went through many corrective surgeries to fix my crippled feet. I learned to hate the parts of me that brought pain or unwanted attention, that were different from others.
 Yet, through therapy, I’d gotten to the placed where I knew, deep down, that it was time to stand face to face with my self and put down some of the load I’ve been carrying. To wrestle with my limits-  those things that I was given that I cannot overcome.  To accept how I am different from others;  to accept me in my entirety- with my flaws and deformities. To hopefully come to realize that the person standing before me is wonderful, courageous, and strong regardless of my differences.
 The Hot Room provides that opportunity. It became time to accept the offer.
Why do you continue to do the yoga?
 The Hot Room is such a unique place. A place where, if I’m sad, tears can flow if they need to. Where, when I feel overwhelmed, I can assure my self that my “trauma” will be over in just a few short minutes. Where, slowly,  I’m learning to accept and even be thankful for my body that serves me so faithfully.
  It’s a hot, sweaty place where no one will ever tell me I’m disgusting or gross. Where, just to be in the room is a win,  and ought to be held up as a special occasion. A place where no score is kept, there are no judges to impress, and no one to compete with. What a wonderful venue!
What other activities do you enjoy or participate in?
    I love to ride snowmobiles in the back-country right after a big snowfall on an epic sunny day.  I am also easily drawn to a really good book.
Favorite pose?
    I really like Camel (crazy as it sounds). I’m not very good at it, but it always feels so good to try and lift my chest as I lean back….so opening. My least favorite time in class is when they say: “Honor your standing series and thank your self for your good effort”.   Hardest ever!
What words of advice do you have for a new student?  
  Never give up. You have no idea what could be manifested, and if you quit, you’ll never find out.