Patty Hopkins
How long have you been practicing? 
I have been practicing Bikram Yoga for 16 years.  I know this because my friend was pregnant, and praticing and Today her baby is driving!! Time flies when your having fun!
Where do you primarily practice?
I love Happy Valley Bikram Yoga, it’s 5 minutes from my house.  However, I enjoy trying other Bikram Studios in my travels.
What brought you to the yoga?  
What brought me to yoga?  Oh boy…..  my back.  I was scheduled to have surgery,  when the scheduler told me to reconsider every option before this procedure.  I heard that yoga helps and it most certainly does!  No surgery to date!!
Why do you continue to do the yoga? 
Because the benefits are endless, more energy, and the thereputic benefits of opening up my body, heart, mind & soul!
What other activities do you enjoy or participate in? 
Other activities I enjoy are biking, golf, snow skiing, hiking and traveling
Favorite pose?
Favorite posture, Dandayamana-Janushirasana (Standing Head to Knee)!  It’s a love/hate and a true test of patience!   You’d think that after all these years of practice I’d be rock’n this!  NOT! – It is truly humbling!
What words of advice do you have for a new student
Advice to newer students?  Practice, Practice, Practice!  Practice makes progress not perfection!  Because of Bikram yoga I accept that I am perfectly imperfect and that is perfect!