Heart Core with Allegra

Breath and Core Workshop
Sunday, April 7th

With Meadow Goldman

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to improve strength and balance
  • You aren’t sure if you are doing the yoga poses (asanas) “right”
  • You feel dizzy, lightheaded, out of breath or anxious during your yoga or HIIT sessions
  • You feel you have plateaued in your movement practices and aren’t sure where to go from here

In this workshop we will:

Learn basic anatomy of the core muscles and their movement and function

The diaphragm is the top of the core and how it functions strongly influences the rest of the core’s functioning. If you are not breathing well, your movement patterns and physiology will be affected as well as your brain’s ability to know where you are in space.

Explore how the diaphragm and core work together

For better breathing and more stability in mind and movement.

Apply the principles we have learned to various postures or movement patterns

So you can apply this knowledge immediately to your yoga, HIIT or other movement practices and life!

Meadow Goldman

C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, LMT and certified Health Coach

The information in this workshop comes from a variety of sources including yoga philosophy and yogic breath work practices, principles from free diving, and rehabilitative therapeutic massage.

New students through seasoned teachers will benefit from this workshop. This information is not always readily accessible and I am happy to share it with you in a clear and integrated way!